How To Find My California Statewide Student Identifier (ssid)?

Where Can I Find My SSID?

Students wishing to obtain their SSID should contact their current school or the last school district in which they were enrolled, such as their high school.

SSIDs are issued at the local K–12 school level.

How do I find my CA SSID number?

Your CA SSID can be found on your high school transcripts. If you can’t find it, please contact your high school counselor.”

How do I find my California SSID for school?

You can find your SSID on your high school transcripts or you can call your high school.

How do I find my state student ID?

Your Student ID number is printed on the front of your student ID card. If you have a Coyote Card (see Figure 1 below), your Student ID appears below your picture. If you have a UC card (see Figure 2 below), your Student ID appears immediately below your name. You can find your Student ID in your WebAdvisor profile.

Do private schools have CA SSID?

The SSID has been kept as an optional item on the application as many of UC applicants are not from California and private schools do not assign one. Students enrolled in private high schools may have an SSID if they attended a public school prior.

Where can I find my SSID number for school?

You can find your SSID on your high school transcripts or you can call your high school.

What is my California State Student ID number?

SSID stands for: Statewide Student IDentifier. An SSID is a unique, non-personally identifiable 10 digit number that all K-12 public school students are required to have. The SSID has also been referred to as the CSIS number in previous years.

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What is a Cassid?

What is a CASSID? This is your California student identification number. If you are an out-of-state or international student, you will not be asked for this number.

How do you establish residency in California?

There are THREE requirements for qualifying for residency for tuition purposes.

  • Physical Presence. You (or your parent) must be physically present in California on a continuous basis for at least 366 days immediately prior to the residence determination date.
  • Intent to Remain in California.
  • Financial Independence.

How do you get your high school transcripts after graduation?

To get your transcripts years after graduating from high school or college, you can call your school and request them, order them online from your school’s website or use a third-party website to have unofficial or official transcripts sent to you or sent to the institution of your choice.