How To Find A Lost Hamster?

How do you attract a lost hamster?

Hamsters love seeds: Place a small, pre-counted pile of sunflower seeds on the floor in each room.

If any seeds disappear from a room that will give you a better general idea where your lost hamster is hiding (unless you have any wild mice that are stealing your bait).

How long can a lost hamster survive?

4 days

How long can hamsters go without water?

So how much can a hamster survive without food or water ? The short answer would be that hamsters can live about 3-4 days since they last ate or drank water.

Can hamsters go down stairs?

If on the other hand you don’t know which room the hamster is in then you need to close off all the possible rooms – do not underestimate your hamster though; they can climb stairs and they are also quick. Unfortunately, because of the hamster’s nocturnal habits, it may mean having to wait some time for a result.