How To Find A Loved One’s Grave?

How do I find someone’s grave?

Use Google Searches for Cemetery Information

  • Go to
  • Enter the first and last name of your ancestor, the city or county you think they may be buried in, and the word, “cemetery” and click search.

How do you find someone’s grave at a cemetery?

Use vital information to find a person’s grave

  1. Contact funeral homes that were in business during the time of death and see if they have any records of your ancestor: In most cases, you will be told which cemetery to search.
  2. Contact the city or county clerk’s office: Ask for the Vital Records Department.

How do I find a deceased loved one?

How to Find a Death Record

  • Know the person’s full name.
  • Find or guess their date of death.
  • Find their place of death.
  • Contact the city or state for a copy of their death certificate.
  • Check the cemeteries of family members.
  • Contact other funeral homes in the area .
  • Ask the cemetery for a map and guided instructions.

How do I find an old cemetery?

Here are three ways you can discover the hidden burial locations of your ancestors.

  1. Look at the Death Certificate. Most death certificates list the method of disposal of the remains.
  2. Check for an Obituary.
  3. Call the County Clerk, City Clerk, or Church that Manages the Cemeteries Where Your Ancestor is Most Likely to Be.