How To Find Abandoned Places?

How do I find abandoned buildings in my area?

A great way to find abandoned properties is through Google Earth.

You can sit in the comfort of your chair and get a street view of locations where you think there are abandoned buildings.

Instead of trekking through the woods to a suspected location, you can narrow in on it through the wonders of satellite imagery.

How do I find an abandoned mansion?

To find the abandoned mansion, you’re going to need to look along the right-hand side of the island. Just north of the racetrack, between the track and Lonely Lodge, you’ll see an estate along the coast.

Is it illegal to go in abandoned buildings?

Sure, that building looks abandoned, but chances are someone owns it, and you’re trespassing if you go inside. Criminal trespass, or entering the property knowing it’s illegal, only increases the potential penalties. And this applies to abandoned homes as well.

Where can I find abandoned places in Brisbane?

The 10 Best Abandoned Locations in Brisbane

  • Moira’s House. Location: Wooloowin, Queensland.
  • Wacol Mental Asylum. Location: Wolston Park Road, Wacol, Queensland.
  • Queensland College of Art Seven Hills TAFE.
  • The Rocklea Spinning Mills.
  • Red Hill Skate Arena.
  • Burford’s Batcave.
  • Terranora Lakes Country Club.
  • Broadway Hotel.