How To Find Alumni On Linkedin?

First, click in the search bar at the top of your homepage.

Then, enter in the name of your college or university.

Click the name of your school when it appears in your search results.

Once you’ve been taken to your school’s page, click the “See Alumni” button.

How do I use alumni tool on LinkedIn?

First things first, you can access it by clicking here, or from the LinkedIn homepage, hovering over “My Network,” then selecting “Find Alumni.” From there, you can perform a search for individuals who attended your school. You can then apply one or more of these six filters: Where they live (geographic location)

What is alumni on LinkedIn?

Your next stop should be LinkedIn Alumni, a tool that provides you with information about where your fellow alums work, what they do and where they live. The tool pre-fills the years you attended a school listed on your LinkedIn profile and shows you the classmates who attended at the same time.

How do I reach an internship for alumni?

Address the alum as “Mr./Ms.” if you’re not sure whether the person is a man or a woman. Introduce yourself and say how you found him. Write a couple of sentences about yourself. Tell him that his professional and personal insights could help you find a job/internship.

How do I approach a job alumni on LinkedIn?

After carefully customizing, send your pitch email to members in your alumni group who are working in an industry of interest to you.

  • In the LinkedIn group, click the members tab.
  • Find alumni who work in the industry in which you want to get a job as well as alumni in the city where you would like to work.
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Do colleges look at LinkedIn?

Officials at Vassar College and other institutions that deliberately do not search out applicants’ social media profiles suggested that colleges disclose their admissions practices. Some high school students are establishing LinkedIn profiles to give the colleges that do look something they would like them to find.

How do you talk to alumni?

You need to take a tactful approach when reaching out to alumni.

Ace Your Intro Email

  1. Introduce yourself and include your school year and major.
  2. Explain how you got the person’s contact information.
  3. Be specific with what you’re asking for from the person.
  4. Attach your resume.

How do you use alumni?


  • Alumnus is used to refer to a male graduate or former student.
  • Alumni is the plural of alumnus but can also be used to refer to a group of men and woman graduates/former students.
  • Alumna is used to refer to a woman graduate or former student.
  • Alumnae is the plural of alumna.

How do I connect to college alumni?

Here are some networking tips on how to get started.

  1. Get reconnected.
  2. Get involved in your alumni association.
  3. Pick a few events to attend every year.
  4. Become a resource.
  5. Reach out to fellow alums.
  6. Commit to staying in touch with key people.
  7. Alumni associations aren’t just for schools.