How To Find An Inverse Function?

How do we find the inverse of a function?

Finding the inverse of a function –

What is the inverse of a function?

In mathematics, an inverse function (or anti-function) is a function that “reverses” another function: if the function f applied to an input x gives a result of y, then applying its inverse function g to y gives the result x, and vice versa, i.e., f(x) = y if and only if g(y) = x.

How do you find the inverse of a log function?

How to find the inverse of a logarithmic function, f(x) = log2 (x

What is the inverse of 3?

The multiplicative inverse of 3 is 1/3.

How do you find a function?

A function is an equation that has only one answer for y for every x. A function assigns exactly one output to each input of a specified type. It is common to name a function either f(x) or g(x) instead of y. f(2) means that we should find the value of our function when x equals 2.