How To Find Birth Parents For Free?

How do you find your birth parents?

Finding your birth parents for free may be easier for some than others. If you were part of an open or partially open adoption, it may be as simple as asking your adoptive parents or the adoptive agency on information about your birth parents.

How do I find my lost parents?

Click on any of their names to pull their background reports.

  • Try searching your mom’s name. Your dad might show up under the possible relatives section of her report.
  • Try searching your siblings and yourself. You could find find your father through people related to you and your family.
  • Try searching old phone numbers.

How do I find my birth parents in a closed adoption?

You can go to your state’s “. gov” website for instructions for requesting it. Then you need to check out the mutual consent adoption registries. Most states have one, but there are others as well.