How To Find Change In Momentum?

What is the formula for change in momentum?

1) The change in momentum of an object is its mass times the change in its velocity. Δp=m⋅(Δv)=m⋅(vf−vi) .

How do you find Percent change in momentum?

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How do you find change in momentum with force and time?

Knowing the amount of force and the length of time that force is applied to an object will tell you the resulting change in its momentum. They are related by the fact that force is the rate at which momentum changes with respect to time (F = dp/dt). Note that if p = mv and m is constant, then F = dp/dt = m*dv/dt = ma.

How do you find impulse change in momentum?


  • The impulse-momentum theorem states that the change in momentum of an object equals the impulse applied to it. J = ∆p.
  • If mass is constant, then… F∆t = m∆v.
  • If mass is changing, then… F dt = m dv + v dm.
  • The impulse-momentum theorem is logically equivalent to Newton’s second law of motion (the force law).