How To Find Duplicate Files On Mac?

How do I find and delete duplicate files on my Mac?

How do I delete duplicate photos on my Mac?

  • Launch Disk Drill.
  • Select Find duplicates.
  • Drag and drop or add folders to the list to be searched.
  • Click the Scan button in the upper right to locate duplicate images.
  • Select Pictures to filter the scan results to show duplicate photos.

How do I find duplicate songs on my Mac?

What you need to do to find all music duplicates in your iTunes is open Gemini and choose your iTunes library for scan. Give it a few minutes to run across your files and sort them out. Then you’ll see the total number of space taken by duplicates on your mac.

How do I find duplicate videos on my Mac?

You can select the Movies sector and review the video replicas. Or click Duplicate Files in the menu bar of the app and select Movies from the pop-up menu. Here you will see a list of identical video files, based on the complex criteria of the Duplicate File Finder.