How To Find Google Classroom Code As A Student?

How do I find my Google classroom code?

Student Tab

The class code can now be located on the Students tab.

Click on “STUDENTS” next to “STREAM” along the top.

On the left-hand side in the sidebar is a box with the class code.

How do I access Google classroom as a student?

Sign in for the first time

  • Go to and click Go to Classroom.
  • Enter your username and click Next.
  • Enter your password and click Next.
  • If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.
  • If you’re using a G Suite for Education account, click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher.
  • Click Get Started.

Is there a student view in Google Classroom?

UPDATE: In Fall of 2018 Google Classroom will roll out a new interface. The Students tab will no longer exist. Instead, teachers will use the People tab to locate individual student view. Students will have the “Your work” icon more prominently placed on the Classwork page.

Do Google classroom codes expire?

For security, the Join Code is valid for 7 days. If the time limit expires, you can always get another Join Code by tapping ‘+ Students’.