How To Find Horizontal Asymptotes Using Limits?

How do you find the horizontal asymptote of a function?

Finding Horizontal Asymptotes of Rational Functions

  • If both polynomials are the same degree, divide the coefficients of the highest degree terms.
  • If the polynomial in the numerator is a lower degree than the denominator, the x-axis (y = 0) is the horizontal asymptote.

Do limits exist at horizontal asymptotes?

determining the limit at infinity or negative infinity is the same as finding the location of the horizontal asymptote. there’s no horizontal asymptote and the limit of the function as x approaches infinity (or negative infinity) does not exist.

How do you find vertical and horizontal asymptotes using limits?

Vertical Asymptotes Using Limits –

How many horizontal asymptotes can a function have?

Two Horizontal Asymptotes