How To Find Minecraft Folder On Mac?

How do I find my .minecraft folder on Mac?

How to get to your Minecraft folder ( Mac ) –

How do I find my minecraft folder?

Press Win+R, then type %appdata%\. minecraft, then press Ok. In the Finder, from the Go menu, select ‘Go to Folder’, then type: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft, and click Go.

How do you find the library on a Mac?

How to find the Library folder on Mac (macOS Sierra, Mojave or Catalina)

  • Open Finder window.
  • Click Go in a Menu Bar → select Go to Folder. Or use the Cmd+Shift+G key shortcut.
  • Type ~/Library and click Go in a dialog window.
  • The required Mac Library folder will be shown.

Where is the minecraft folder on a MacBook Pro?

How to find your minecraft folder on a macbook pro –