How To Find Out If Someone Is In The Hospital?

Can you find out if someone is a patient at a hospital?

The default answer is no, a hospital will and should not acknowledge anyone’s presence as a patient without specific authorization from the patient or their power of attorney.

This is part of HIPAA.

If you ask for the person by name in a general hospital you can determine if the person has been admitted.

Can you look up hospital patients online?

Looking up patient data is quick and easy with Patient Lookup using the myConnections clinical portal. The HIE is web-based, so your practice does not need to have an EHR system in place to access patient records through the HIE.

How do I find out if someone has been in an accident?

If you think someone is missing because he has been in an accident, file a missing person’s report with the local police. In this situation, professionals will help you find out if the person has been involved in an accident and you should be alerted as soon as an accident report is filed.

Will a hospital tell you if someone has died?

As a general rule, the coroner needs to be notified if death occurs within 24 hours of hospital admission (or outside of a hospital), if trauma is a cause of or contributes to the death, or if the cause of death is mysterious to the attending physician.