How To Find Out Your Ip Address?

How do I locate my IP address?

Tap on the gear icon to the right of the wireless network you’re connected to, and then tap on Advanced toward the bottom of the next screen. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see your device’s IPv4 address.

How do I find my IP address for my WIFI?

How to find your router address on: Windows. Android.

Find your router IP address on Chrome OS

  • Click the notification area on the right side of your taskbar;
  • Select the Wi-Fi you are connected to;
  • A new window will pop up. Click on Network tab. You should see your IP under Gateway.

What is my IP address for my router?

Find your Router’s IP address on Android

Go to Settings > WLAN. Click the details icon. Then you could find your Router’s IP address show as Gateway.

How do I find my private IP address?

Access your private IP address in Android

Under Settings, select Wi-Fi. Click on the i icon to access further information on a Wi-Fi connection. The private IP address is listed Via About Phone In the Settings menu, scroll to About Phone. Press Status.