How To Find Publisher Of Website?

How do you find out who published a website?

Use WHOIS to find the website owner.

  • Visit and enter the website address into the search field.
  • Look for the “Registrant Contact” information to find who registered the domain. You can still try to contact the owner through their proxy email if the registration information is blocked.

Where do you find the publisher of an article?

Publisher information is usually found on the title page or verso of the title page of a book. Record the name as it appears in the publication. Omit the words Publishers, Co., and Inc. from publisher names.

Where is the publisher or sponsor of a website?

Note: The publisher or sponsoring organization can often be found in a copyright notice at the bottom of the home page or on a page that gives information about the site.

How do you find the editor of a website?

The most direct way to find the publisher of a website is to consult the official “whois” database. This is a repository maintained by ICANN, and all website owners are required to furnish this info to their domain name registrars once a year.