How To Find The Area Of A Pentagon?

How do you find area of a pentagon?

Area of a regular pentagon = pa/2, where p = the perimeter and a = the apothem.

If you don’t know the perimeter, calculate it from the side length: p = 5s, where s is the side length.

How do you calculate the area of a polygon?

To find the area of a regular polygon, all you have to do is follow this simple formula: area = 1/2 x perimeter x apothem. Here is what it means: Perimeter = the sum of the lengths of all the sides. Apothem = a segment that joins the polygon’s center to the midpoint of any side that is perpendicular to that side.

How do you measure a pentagon?

To find the measure of the central angle of a regular pentagon, make a circle in the middle A circle is 360 degrees around Divide that by five angles So, the measure of the central angle of a regular pentagon is 72 degrees.

What is the Apothem of a pentagon?

The apothem (sometimes abbreviated as apo) of a regular polygon is a line segment from the center to the midpoint of one of its sides. Equivalently, it is the line drawn from the center of the polygon that is perpendicular to one of its sides. The word “apothem” can also refer to the length of that line segment.