How To Find The Most Acidic Hydrogen?

How do you know which hydrogen is more acidic?

Ch 2 OHV “Identifying the most acidic proton in a molecule” –

Which is most acidic hydrogen?

Answer : Proton (a) is the most acidic. Hint: For molecules with lots of different types of protons, I think method two is the easier to apply because it is the fastest. Method 2. ANSWER: Proton (a) is the most acidic.

Which carbon has most acidic hydrogen?

C . D . D has the most acidic Hydrogen. Since the stability of negative charge determines acidity, so oxygen being more electronegative, the negative charge on it is more stable than on carbon.

What are acidic hydrogens?

Explanation: ‘acidic hydrogen means, it has tendency to be released as H+ ion . So, if any H-atom is attached to another atom or group of atoms with higher electronegativity, that H-atom is a potential acidic H-atom.