How To Find The Railroad Fallout 4?

How do you find the railroad on Fallout 4?

To Join the Railroad, you first have to start the quest “Road to Freedom” which can be done by listening to random people in Diamond City.

Some will talk about Railroad rumors and the quest will pop up.

The next step brings you to “Boston Common”.

You have to follow the Lanterns that lead you to the Old North Church.

Where is the railroad located?

The Railroad HQ is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.

How do you find the Freedom Trail on Fallout 4?

Road to Freedom will take you to the famous tourist spot known as The Freedom Trail. The waypoint indicator will lead you to Boston Common, near Park Street Station. Look for a fountain with a board that reads, “At Journey’s End Follow Freedom’s Lantern.”

What is the password for the railroad in Fallout 4?

The password for this lock is RAILROAD, which was indicated by the clues on the marked seals along the trail. Spin the outer edge clockwise or counter-clockwise and press the button to input the password.