How To Find Windows 10 Version?

How do I find out my Windows version?

How to check which version of Windows you’re running

  • Click the Start button.
  • Type “winver” in the search box and press Enter.
  • You should see the About Windows box with your Windows version information.
  • Click the Start button.
  • Click the Settings icon (which looks like a gear and is above the power icon).
  • Click “System.”

How do I find out my Windows 10 build number?

Use the Winver Dialog and Control Panel

You can use the old standby “winver” tool to find the build number of your Windows 10 system. To launch it, you can tap the Windows key, type “winver” into the Start menu, and press Enter. You could also press Windows Key + R, type “winver” into the Run dialog, and press Enter.

How do you find out what OS I have?

You can easily determine which OS version your device runs by following these steps:

  1. Open your phone’s menu. Tap System Settings.
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom.
  3. Select About Phone from the menu.
  4. Select Software Info from the menu.
  5. The OS version of your device is shown under Android Version.

How do I find my Windows build version?

Check Windows 10 Build Version

  • Win + R. Open up the run command with the Win + R key combo.
  • Launch winver. Simply type in winver into the run command text box and hit OK. That is it. You should now see a dialog screen revealing the OS build and registration information.

What is the current version of Windows?

Windows 10

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What are the Windows version numbers?

Personal computer versions

Windows version Codenames Release version
Windows 10 Threshold, Redstone, 19H1, YYHx NT 10.0
Windows 8.1 Blue NT 6.3
Windows 8 Metro NT 6.2
Windows 7 Blackcomb, Vienna NT 6.1

22 more rows

How can I update Windows 10 to 1909?

Press CTRL + F (or Command + F if you are using a Mac) and enter your search term(s). Current status as of January 21, 2020: Windows 10, version 1909 is available for any user on a recent version of Windows 10 who manually selects “Check for updates” via Windows Update.