How To Find A Lost Iphone Without Find My Iphone?

Can you track an iPhone without find my iPhone?

Tracking and finding your missing iPhone is possible, it but may require access to an iCloud account to locate your phone if you don’t have a third-party tracking app already installed.

How do I find my lost iPhone without iCloud?

Follow the steps below to learn how to track an iPhone without iCloud using Find my iPhone. Step 1: Open the Find My iPhone app on the iPhone on which you want to use to find your iPhone. Then sign in with your Apple ID and password. Step 2: Now tap your missing iPhone from the list of all devices that you own.

How do you find an iPhone that is offline?

Turn your device off and back on. On iOS 13, you can turn on Enable Offline Finding to see your device when it’s offline. Tap Settings > General > Date & Time. Check that Set Automatically is on, which automatically sets your date and time based on your time zone.

Can you track an iPhone without a SIM card?

Tracking Without a SIM Card

When the SIM card is taken out of an iPhone, that communication can no longer take place, and the GPS coordinates for your device cannot be established. In essence, when the SIM card is out of an iPhone it cannot be located using the MobileMe tracking service.