How To Find A User On Reddit?

Can you look up users on Reddit?

You can’t search for users in the app or on the reddit website.

If you know the person’s username, you can go to their profile by tapping the three-dot, tapping [your username]’s profile , tapping the three-dot again, choosing View another profile , and then typing in the username of that person.

How do you search users on Reddit app?

There isn’t a good way to search for a user in the app currently. You can search for a user’s name and it is easy to find posts by them (assuming their name isn’t something that would produce a lot of other hits), but that trick doesn’t work if they have never posted.

Why can’t I find a user on Reddit?

Well, to begin with, there is no search function on reddit to search users. Alternatively, I don’t know if this is what OP meant, but if they do know the person’s username and are looking for their page, they can open the menu and go to their own profile, and press “View another profile”.

Can you find someone on Reddit with their email?

Can people find you on Reddit based on your email address? Not through email. If you happened to reveal personal information, through a story or otherwise, in a comment, someone may have recognized you.

How do you find someones username?

How to Find People With Their Username

  • Enter the username into the URL of a social media website.
  • Use a web search engine to scour the web for that username.
  • Use a people search engine that supports reverse username searches, or try a username lookup tool.
  • Search specific sites for the username.
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Is my Reddit account Shadowbanned?

You can find out by visiting your profile page while logged out of Reddit. If you see the ‘page not found’ similar to the above image, then your account is Shadowbanned. Another way is to use the /r/shadowban/ Subreddit to submit your profile URL and get a True or False marker.

What is karma on Reddit?

Karma. It’s the scoreboard of reddit–a reward earned for posting popular content. It also comes in two flavors: link karma, and comment karma. You gain karma points when your links and comments are upvoted. You lose it when your links and comments are downvoted to a number lower than zero.

Is your email hidden on Reddit?

No, people can’t see your email. Maybe you could have a note or a popup that has a tiny reassurance that people cannot see your email or anything else about you (assuming you your self don’t post it) and can only communicate with you via Reddit messaging. It’s just nice knowing you have that privacy.