How To Find My Amazon Reviews?

How do I look at my reviews on Amazon?

5 Answers

  • go to your profile by clicking on your name.
  • click on Profile under Ordering and shopping preferences section.
  • find the review you want to view.
  • and view it, edit it or delete a review you wish.

Why can’t I see my Amazon review?

Seller reviews aren’t immediately visible on Amazon product pages, until you go to the “available from other sellers” page. From my understanding you don’t see a notification from your seller account when you’ve received a review- only when you’ve received feedback.

How do I find my submitted feedback on Amazon?

Amazon Sign-In

  1. Go to
  2. Click the ‘Orders’ at the top right of the page.
  3. Scroll through your orders until you find one with a ‘Leave Seller Feedback’ button and click it.
  4. At the top of the next page click ‘Completed Feedback’ to see all the feedback you have already done.

How long does it take for Amazon reviews to show up?

within 72 hours

Can Amazon reviews be trusted?

Why You Shouldn’t Trust All Amazon Reviews. The next time you are researching a purchase on Amazon, pay careful attention to the reviews. Specifically, look for reviews with a Verified Purchase tag for an honest critique of the product. This sage advice comes from a study conducted by Best Reviews.

How do I remove negative feedback on Amazon?

Log into your account and visit the Your Submitted Feedback page.

  • Next to Your Submitted Feedback, select Remove.
  • Indicate why you would like to remove the feedback.

Do Amazon reviews post immediately?

Reviews will generally show up within 72 hours of posting.

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Some reviews have been posted immediately, which is great! Some reviews take a little longer to be posted, sometimes up to 4 or 5 days.

Does Amazon delete negative reviews?

Yes. Amazon absolutely deletes negative reviews, no matter how factual and unbiased the review is.

How do you get free stuff from Amazon?

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  3. Method 3: Facebook Groups give free Amazon products.
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  5. Method 5: Be an Amazon pro reviewer.
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