How To Find Out If I Have A Warrant For Free?

Check With Law Enforcement

Another free way to find out about outstanding warrants is to call the Warrants & Fugitive Division of your local police station and ask if there is a warrant out for your arrest.

If you place the call for yourself from your own phone, the police may be able to locate you.

Can you check for warrants online for free?

Because arrest warrants are public record, counties must make them available for inquiries. Often, arrest warrant databases are accessible online. You can also contact the clerk of the county court to conduct a free warrant check using information such as the name, known address and the date of birth of the individual.

How do you find out if there’s a warrant out for you?

To see if you have a warrant out for your arrest, go to the city, county, state, or federal website where you think you might have an arrest warrant. Then, look under the “Legal” or “Health and Safety” sections for a warrant search. Or, type “Arrest warrant” in the search bar of the home page.

Are warrants public record?

A public warrant records are public information, as defined by the FOIA of 1966, which means anyone can view these. Warrant records by definition are document issued by a legal or government agency authorizing the police to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out legal action according to the courts.

Who to call to see if you have a warrant?

When you call the clerk of the court, ask if there is an outstanding warrant for “Person X” (your name) in a criminal or civil case. Have your case number, name, birth date, and if possible, Social Security number, in hand. Avoid identifying yourself as the person for whom a warrant was issued.