How To Find Out Who Owns Land?

Get historical title registers

You may be able to find out who owned the property before the current owner from a historical title register.

It can also be useful if you’re trying to find out how old a property is.

Ask HM Land Registry to search who owned the property for a specific date or multiple dates.

How do I find out who owns land for free?

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property for Free

  • Go to the tax assessment website for the town where the mystery property is located.
  • Enter the street number of the mystery property, and the street name of the mystery property in the appropriate fields provided on the tax assessment property search page.
  • Click search.

Are land registry searches anonymous?

All Land Registry searches are anonymous. The property’s current owner is not notified when a copy of the title register, title plan, or Flood Risk Indicator result are requested.

How do I find out if land is registered?

Get a copy of the deeds

  1. Find out if the property or land is registered.
  2. Download a copy of the title register – you’ll need this to find the property’s title number and to see if HM Land Registry holds a copy of the deeds.
  3. Fill in the deeds request form.

How can I view a deed online for free?


  • Start with the tax assessor. All the information that most people will need or want to know about a deed will be on record with the county tax assessor, such as the current owner, sale dates, price history, and current valuation.
  • Find the records section.
  • Examine the record.
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How do I find the address of a piece of land?

Using the legal description, the address of the lot or piece of land in question can typically be found either in deed or property tax records. If the lot is in a town or city, and you know the subdivision name and lot number, the address can also be found within the public records.

What information does Land Registry hold?

Land Registry provides property owners with a land title guaranteed by the government, as well as with a title plan that indicates the property boundaries. Once property is entered into the register, Land Registry records any ownership changes, mortgages or leases affecting it.

Does Land Registry show previous owners?

The Land Registry registers titles and properties in files called folios. The Land Registry folio shows the name of the owner. It set out the type of interest in the property concerned. It shows with details of other person’s rights over the land, such as mortgage/charges easements and other rights.

Can I check Land Registry for free?

Property Documents and Ownership information cannot be obtained for free from the Land Registry or from any other organisation. Many of these and other Land Registry documents are not available direct to the public, but only via a search agent with portal access.