How To Find Surface Area Of A Prism?

What is the formula for the surface area of a prism?

The general formula for the total surface area of a right prism is T.



=ph+2B where p represents the perimeter of the base, h the height of the prism and B the area of the base.

What is the surface area of a prism calculator?

Conical Frustum Surface Area

  • Volume = (1/3)πh (r12 + r22 + (r1 * r2))
  • Lateral Surface Area. = π(r1 + r2)s = π(r1 + r2)√((r1 – r2)2 + h2)
  • Top Surface Area = πr12
  • Base Surface Area = πr22
  • Total Surface Area. = π(r12 + r22 + (r1 * r2) * s) = π[ r12 + r22 + (r1 * r2) * √((r1 – r2)2 + h2) ]

How do you find the surface area of a prism and cylinder?

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How do you calculate the surface area?

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