Warframe How To Find Caches?

Where are the Grineer caches?

Resource caches are usually located in hard-to-access or hidden locations, sometimes in secret rooms not shown on the minimap.

These caches will also emit a distinct audible hum that can be used to determine if a cache is nearby.

Where can I find Corpus caches?

Caches can also spawn in the “closets” attached to the Cryogenics Core tile (specifically the tile where you drop down under the grated floor). Ill need to re-find the tile, but I’ve also seen caches inside of the Corpus shipping containers.

Does loot detector show caches?

Loot finding mods such as Loot Detector and Animal Instinct will make a cache appear on the mini-map with the same icon as loot crates.

Where can I get Nitain extract?

Nitain Extract is a special resource that can be bought from Nightwave’s offerings, found from Resource Caches in certain missions, or rewarded from Ghoul Purge Bounties.